Dancing in the shade

This summer has been generally lovely. Warm, sometimes hot, but manageable most days. We havent had a long severe drought, or prolonged period of hot humidity. Usually we would have 10-14 days in a row of heat wave. Its been sporadic days here and there. Q has been lethargic this last month, perking up when the temperature is low 20s. Ive taken advantage by cracking out the bareback pad quite a bit and doing lots of walking trails. Or I go early morning. And then a long cold shower. We just changed his haynet, to something smaller that the crew cant overstuff. He is still eating too much hay, and its hard to lose weight if you cant manage input. Work in progress. So we dance in the shade, looking for cover. Listening to cicadas, and smelling the wildflowers. Life is grand.

Under the Canopy

Its been a busy riding period, despite the “hot and humid” weather. In fact, the weather has been quite tolerable, and on days when it hits 30+C we ride early. And if we can’t, then we keep it short and quiet and stay under the canopy. Q is still chunky, and we are trying to rein in the hay but its a challenge with everything else going on in the barn. Meanwhile, we have upped the intensity of our rides by 50% and have created a new “Long Trot” section stringing several trails of good quality footing together to make for a 4 km circuit that we do in 17+ minutes. Tomorrow I plan to venture out alone to strike a new record pace as I have fellow boarders hot on my tail to beat the pace. 😂 My afternoons are spent lounging in my hammock and reading a book. Verity and Greenwich Park were speed reads. Im now reading Trevor Noah’s autobiography Born a Crime, which is skull bending. Favorite book of the summer goes to Isabel Allende “Island Under the Sea”. Brilliant cast of characters.

Fast and Slow

Got four days of riding in this week. Two of which were the same route, one fast and the other slow. My guess using my iphone is that the route was 6.4 km (but could have been 7-7.5) and we did it fast in 47 minutes and slow in more than double time. walking only mostly trot and canter Ive been noting some lethargic behaviour this week even though we havent had a significant heat wave (yet). The horse that was a dragon a month ago that I didnt want to canter on trail, is now a slow poke. Im not sure if this is weather, fatigue with a change in eating habits (micronet), the newly detected heart murmur, or the three days of Bemer sessions.  Keeping my 👀 on the situation but did enjoy watching his droopy eyes and lips during the sessions.

Happy summer days

Had a good ride in sector 3 and got some new flying mane pictures on 17 and N trails. The scent of the wildflowers was a delight, and we got surprised by a deer. 🦌 

2022 Riding Log

Boring post, only meant for me to record rides/intensity and fitness/weight. July 7: Vet/Dentist. Weight 432 kg (up from 414 kg March 22). Heart murmur. July 8: 53 mins, 6.4 km (G/H/50). Speed 7.3 km/h. Lethargic walk/jog July 10: 130 mins, 12 km (J/17/N/Q). Speed 5.5 km/h (18 flights). Lethargic walk/jog and canter

D Day

Yesterday Q had his dental appointment and overall checkup. Turns out, Q got fat and gained 18 kg (40 lbs) in 3.5 months, going from 414 kg to 432 kg, and going up one point on the condition scale (5 to 6) and cresty neck scale (0 to 1) Doc also detected a slight heart murmur (maybe a leaky valve, will check again this fall) for the first time. So today was D-Day. Diet Denial Determination Doom No more carrots, peppermints, grazing, or bananas. Restricted hay (yes, micronet Im glad I have you) and increasing the intensity of the exercise. So today we headed out early and did 6.4 km in 52 minutes which is a pace of 7.4 km/h. Thats a short warmup/cooldown at a walk and trotting the rest of the way. Poor Q was in a sweat when we got back. Cool shower, roll in the sand, and repeat this weekend.

The super duper long weekend

Some riding happened, and much living and socializing. I feel the last 2 years has robbed me of my ability and desire to be social.  But its slowly coming back. Yeah! As for Q, he appears to be finishing his full 1/2 inch haynet despite the repeated warnings that this torture device should not be used on horses because it will either 1) not provide enough nutrition, 2) make them give up trying, or 3) make them aggressive beasts. I guess they never met my Q, a tenacious constant forager. This particular haynet is recommended for small ponies or minis that have metabolic disorders. 🤷‍♀️  And yesterday Q gave me a lovely 2 km gallop on our favorite fast track. I in turn cut the ride short at 25 minutes and then we proceeded to our favorite grazing spot after a shower and mane/tail scrub. Barn energy seems to be back to normal. And clearly Q is completely unphased by the noisy moped at our intersection. #goals